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In all Fairness
Posted By Senator Elaine McCoy Oct 31 2013 11:57AM

So, why not just wait for the RCMP investigation to conclude? Why not take a deep breath, get a sober grip and think again? And, of course, put the three impugned Senators on a mandatory leave of absence in the meantime. They are, after all, acting under a heavy cloud.


That's the suggestion I put on the floor of the chamber yesterday. It seems to me to be a fair and respectful way to proceed. Above all, by deferring to an independent police investigation, we would be honouring our traditions for due process.


I’ve heard from hundreds of Canadians who are saying the same thing. I must say I find it tremendously reassuring, inspiring even, to know that so many of you stand tall for fairness and stand firm on the rule of law.


Several senators have also told me privately that they think it's the right way to go. But it
remains to be seen how the majority of senators will vote. Today the Conservative majority moved a government motion to suspend Senators Brazeau, Wallin and Duffy without pay (albeit with health benefits) for an indefinite period and without further investigation. They also gave notice that they’ll impose a six hour limit on further debate when we resume sitting on Monday.

In all fairness, is this the Canada we want?

Posted On Nov 29 07:30AM   

Fairness in Canada is just wishful thinking devoid of any reality. Revolt is eminent as too many victims of others right to entitlements gather momentum to rebel, and the failure of the economy drives unrest. Expedience for making victimes to maintain the preservation the entitled by creating the perception of doing Wright with the Harbariging of Brazeau for Wallin in Duffy is now the norm of greed of All Tarnished Government Officials

Posted On Nov 05 09:47AM   

This is not the Canada I want, nor the Canada I recognize.  Thank you for bringing reasoned thought to this debate.

Posted On Nov 01 10:54AM   

Ahhh, it's great to see you flexing your blogging muscles again!  Sadly, MSM seems to be missing your perspectives.

Posted On Nov 01 07:55AM   

 Well done, Senator!  I completely agree.  Everyone would probably be happier to see the back of these three particular Senators, but let's not throw the baby out with the bathwater and suspend fairness and due process -- to which everyone is entitled, no matter how egregious the suspected offense.

Happy to see you were not bullied by other parties, other Senators, the media or popular opinion, but kept your eye on the big picture here.  It's not the easy path, but it's the right one.



Posted On Oct 31 04:12PM   
Anne Moore

Thanks for your very reasoned and helpful interventions Senator McCoy. I am definitely in support of your Canada, where fairness and due process trump political expediency and abuse of power. I am particularly concerned about the impact on the important RCMP investigations, and the good names of many who are being hurt by the attempt by the government to obscure facts.  

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